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Essay example - Corporate governance board in an organization operates via the different members of board of directors

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Corporate governance board in an organization operates via the different members of board of directors that usually make decisions, regulations, rules, laws and legislations for their firm, employees and suppliers; these corporate governance rules actually provide the path on which the firm has to move…

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The aim of this paper is to illustrate the working of corporate governance by means of the literature review. Corporate governance rules are settled by the directors who give rules and regulations for the firm to move it in a specific direction to achieve different goals. Corporate governance actually gives rules for internal control of the firm. This literature review shows different views on corporate governance of various scholars i.e. the point of generation of this idea and its history. The paper then elaborates on the principle of corporate governance and their responsibilities; two distinctive models are described for corporate governance, which are used all over the world. These models clearly defines that why the firms in the United Kingdom are not as powerful as in United States. The reason is provide latterly in the paper by showing different examples of United States industries that actually fails because their corporate governance was unable to work. Then what are corporate governance model used by the Asian companies are provided. The paper uses three different examples to show that either corporate governance work or not. ...
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