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Wealth and Happiness - Essay Example


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Wealth and Happiness

This theory suggests that people realize happiness by having more money relative to others in their reference groups. On the contrary, the theory of absolute utility advocates that increased income allows a more real purchasing power to fulfill needs which brings joy. However, some economists propose that the cheerfulness that money brings is temporary as with time individuals fast adapt to this increased income. For instance the new car, bigger house etc bought by increased income soon becomes old and no longer gives the feeling of happiness. A number of quantitative and qualitative studies have been done by economists to prove these theories and find a relation between happiness and money. There have been mixed results. While some have found proofs for these theories, others have found small effects of income on happiness and some have simply not found any correlation between happiness and material wealth. (Hagerty & Veenhoven, 2003)

Although there is an overwhelming literature to support the opinion that money buys temporary happiness, the connection between money and happiness is a complex one. For some this value can be achieved by individual efforts like completing an educational degree, spending leisure time with friends and family, promotion, sexual satisfaction and good health while for others it can be realized with money like increased public expenditure, investment in some social security, buying a new car and the like.

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In general, people act in a manner that provides them or assures them of happiness, contentment or satisfaction. Feelings that are transient or fleeting do not have much of an impact on this view of happiness. An important feature of Aristotle’s description of happiness relates to the possession of material goods, enjoyment of the finer things of life or the obtention of honors.
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Econimic Wealth and Happiness
Furthermore, there is also economic security by prosperous nations such as US and China which translates to quality services in such as countries. Additionally, creation of jobs as a measure of eradicating poverty is a sign of economic well being that brings happiness and healthy while conducting business (Dean 2010, p.
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There are different determinants of happiness ranging from life events to personal experiences and moods. These events tend to determine an individuals degree of happiness at any given time. There are, however, other factors that are believed to be huge determinants of happiness or the lack of it.
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To what extent does wealth equate with happiness
Therefore, the same question still persists, can money buy happiness? This paper will seek views from different authors, researchers, and economists showing whether more wealth brings more happiness to individuals. According to Penec, economists have started to consider other factors besides the gross domestic product when examining happiness.
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Happiness is one of those qualifying factors that is incredibly difficult to define, and yet each person in the world uses it to rate their lives on a daily basis; it is the great question of life, ‘are you happy?’.
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Western minds often equate the term with measurement of wealth and monetary value, and Marx theorized that from the leisure time associated with wealth came a degree of alienation
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negative behaviors of sadness, there is much less research on the “problem” of happiness, mainly because happiness is not a problem, simply somewhat of a mystery. Myers and Diener (1995) appear to suggest, as this writer would agree, that happiness comes from within. These
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However, this is in contrast to what researchers maintain. This is because contrary to most people’s expectations, wealth or material possessions present one of the main causes of unhappiness implying that
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Wealth and Happiness.
Economists have long been studying the relation between money and happiness. A number of theories have been put across in literature to explain this relation. …
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Wealth and Happiness essay example
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