Medical Precision Systems Human Resources Management - Case Study Example

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Medical Precision Systems Human Resources Management

"A share is a unit of ownership. When you own a share you become a part-owner (shareholder) of a company and you will have the right to: receive any dividends paid on each share that you own; receive a copy or summary of the company's annual report
A performance management culture exists at MPS and appraisals, remuneration, and promotions are highly performance based. Artley and Stroh (2001, p. 5) reports, "All high-performance organizations, whether public or private, are, and must be, interested in developing and deploying effective performance measurement and performance management systems, since it is only through such systems that they can remain high-performance organizations." For fifteen years MPS has been employing a total quality management (TQM) program. Ten employees are on a team and they elect their leader. Group, or team, leaders hold feedback sessions and report what they gather to the senior production managers. (Beardwell and Holden, 2001, p.742.)
A great deal of time, effort, and money is involved in providing excellent training in teamwork, people skills, and job education. ...
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Medical Precision System (MPS) produces medical supplies and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Having started in 1972, it now employs 2000 staff members and has an annual turnover of $150 million. It is an American-owned company that is well respected and employs a policy of best-practice Human Resource Management (HRM) in order to avoid union influence…
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