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Meaning behind a Speech

As many Americans are faced with the responsibility of electing a President every four years, one of the highlights of the process would be the Inaugural speech given by the newly sworn in chief executive on their inauguration day. From George Washington, all the way to the present day with Barack Obama, each individual who has resided in the chair of the President has found themselves with the opportunity to creatively craft their message through interviews given to members of the mainstream press, as well as speeches given to an even wider audience.
Going farther than the words written within the pages of their statements, the power of these deliveries, are further enabled by the presence of the passion within the person saying the words. Taking the time to effectively present essential points of whatever case may need to be made, through increases in tone to emphasis crucial aspects, all the way to something as day-to-day, as the choice of clothing that would be worn. One of the most relevant speech examples in recent memory would be the inaugural speech delivered by John F. Kennedy in January 1961.
Being a man who sought to introduce youthful vigor and passion into the role of the nation's chief executive, President Kennedy's speech would convey the inherent desire he would possess for the powerful role of both the American gove ...
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Addresses made to a gathered audience, can greatly impact the message which the individual delivering the message, seeks to administer to the general audience present. Speeches and interviews both possess the potential for grand reception from those who are able to witness them…
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