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Personal Effectiveness

There are hundreds of skills that you developed over time, but it is even more challenging to combine which tasks you are good at and which ones you enjoy the most. The reconciliation of both will determine your strengths. I am trying to identify my weaknesses and strengths all the time in order to make the most of my career opportunities. Besides, I realize that it is easier to focus and develop your strengths than trying to eliminate weaknesses. Every time I try to engage into a new activity, I am always naturally worried that I won't have the necessary skills for a new activity or responsibility.
However, after I sat down and gave a thought about the type of role that I would like to fulfill, it became easier for me to look at the skills that I already have in abundance that will be suitable for that or another activity, responsibility. I have made a whole list of the things that I am excellent or good at, then a list of things that I am not good at or do not enjoy doing them. The list of strengths and skills helps me to identify what else I can work on and I have also developed an excel matrix and time schedule of things that I would like to work on and monitor my performance. ...
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There are so many areas that everybody will identify important in order to succeed not only in career but also in personal life. Among those are cognitive and personal skills (communication, information technology, problem-solving, personal skills, working with others and improving own learning and performance) which are essential to occupational proficiency in all sectors and at all level…
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