Picasso and Gertrude Paintings

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Art is subjective and has no boundaries; it is a human activity that is made to stimulate human senses and mind. It can be an action, an object or a means of conveying emotions and ideas. It is a human creativity that has quality and brings about stimulation.


A painting may be a true art but a chair to sit on is an artistic element. Art which has less functional values is called fine arts while the objects which serve the functional purpose are called craft. At one time period art has been considered to primarily depict the ideas of truth and beauty.
Art when used to convey beauty has also helped in creating awareness in people, has helped them to fight for their right, has shown them where the world is heading and how to make it a better place for our next generation. Hence art has been used to convey meaning and is not just used for pleasure.
Awareness and enthusiasm has been created in people through various forms of art. It could be poetry, painting, a novel, a song, a sculpture, an act of drama; art can be of any form and can convey meaning in anyway though its should be understood, then only it has its worth and serves its purpose.
There have been many artists who have served the people through their work and Picasso and Gertrude stein are amongst them. Picasso has served during the Spanish Civil War and Stein had taught people that the surrounding interacts with individual and convey meaning. Both these artists had interest in cubism; Picasso used it in his paintings while Stein had used it in her writings.
Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Spain on October 25, 1881 and died on April 8, 1973. ...
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