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Anti-Discrimination Act

The dream of peace and prosperity is only imaginary if we do not acknowledge each other's identity.
We share different cultures and beliefs inherited from our forefathers. It is one's sovereign right to gain entry to a job of choice that he has been prepared for. Title VII allows every man to share equal rights in the workplace by prohibiting racial discrimination of workers. Gone are the days when colored workers are separated from the whites. Asians and Mexicans are no longer restricted to work anywhere they like. Everyone is given the opportunity to exercise one's profession or training despite his racial origin. Title VII creates inter-dependence among men of different cultural backgrounds to share their expertise in the workplace thereby affording the country a stable economic stature.
Employers can not also restrict the allowance of an employee's right to practice his belief. Religion bequeaths to man, a sense of right and wrong; which for centuries has been passed from one generation to another. Title VII recognizes the importance of religion in man's existence thus; employers are expected to extend willful allowance of an employee's observance of faith within reasonable accommodation. An employer can not fire a worker, because his prayer offends him or his religion is too eccentric. ...
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Title VII otherwise known as the Anti-Discrimination Act is currently the most valuable tool to combat today's discrimination of employees in the work environment. For several centuries, this imperialistic attitude bordering on cruelty has been the biggest problem besieging the country…
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