The Music of Black Americans By Eileen Southern

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This chapter of the reading introduces the different issues of history that bounded the black society. It could be observed that the author in this phase of the reading is heightened in discussing the different events that mainly led to the freedom from the "white masters" that the black generation has naturally wanted all their lives.


Music was then the basic expression of the black civilization with regards the emotional factors that affected their beings back then. Hence, it could not be denied that it is through this fact that the existence of music that is most related to the thoughts and feelings of the people back then was the major feature of the ancient development of the black music.
Through the years of slavery, although there were different wars keeping the entire society of the blacks away from each other, music was the primary element that kept them together and kept them strongly believing that one day, their transgressions would soon end and their hope of being free from oppression would soon be true.
* "Perhaps, even more important is the information to be found in the writing of the early European travelers and traders in Africa. Some of these chronicles provide surprisingly rich details of about one or more aspect of African music" (Southern, 142)
The general status of black music during the years of slavery had been featured in this chapter. During the early establishment of the Republic, it has been widely perceived by the Southern Slave States that the main priority of the United State's Government does not include promoting the humanitarian rights of the slaves. ...
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