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Advertising is one of the primary tools employed by business organizations to create an image for their product. The ads published in different media significantly reflect what the company is and what type of products and services it offers.Advertising often requires the employment of wit and creativity in the part of the marketer. In order to do these, advertisements are embedded with a subtext, a n underlying which is not stated directly. Looking at the current style of marketers, the subtext is often implied or suggested through the use of symbols, characters, words, images, music, and special effects to complement or even contrast the underlying message. In order to understand how business organizations do this, I will examine the ad for Chanel eyeglasses which featured Eugenia Volodina.The rationale for the choice of the advertisement is fairly simple- my passion for sunglasses and my strong preference for Chanel products. The simple ad which features a blown up image of the beautiful and captivating Eugenia Volodina wearing the new sparkling glasses of Chanel exudes sophistication and elegance. Simple as it is, I find the ad very striking.From its establishment in the early 1910s, Chanel has become an icon of elegance with the brand being synonymous to elegance, wealth, and elitism. Chanel became the ultimate sign of high French class, catering to the needs of elite women. The global popularity of the brand has now made it a top choice for elegant women with very high purchasing power. Thus, the appearance of the ad in Vogue which is recognized as one of the most influential force in shaping fashion and culture is warranted by Chanel's quest of capturing the elite niche. It should be noted that Vogue caters to the same intellectually sophisticated and fashionable females that Chanel are also targeting.
In order to persuade its customers in buying the sunglasses, Chanel employed persuasive methods which can be classified into three modes-pathos, ethos, and logos. Ethos tries to convince buyers by appealing to their character or personality while pathos is geared in engaging their emotions. On the other hand, logos appeals to the reason or logic. These mode which dates back to the age of Aristotle still proves effective today.
In terms of pathos, Chanel has efficiently utilized sex, beauty, excitement and luxury. It should be noted that Eugenia Volodina has earned her image as a sex symbol in the fashion industry. Her modeling career primarily involves posing for sexy shoots for companies like Victoria's Secret. Thus, the use of Eugenia in promoting sunglasses hopes to promote sunglasses to enhance their sexiness. Aside from being sexy, the model used is also extremely beautiful with her high cheekbones, thick eyebrows, and red lips. These features are further accentuated by her mole, which is widely recognized as of beauty and attractiveness. Chanbel also used its high brand equity to create an image of luxury in the sunglasses. As discussed above, the company has been recognized as a symbol for elegance, fashion, and luxury. Simply having one of their products is luxury itself. In the advertisement, Chanel also imparted the excitement of the addition of a new shade in their product line. It should be noted that the advertisement conveyed all these value only through the use of the model's image without any text.
Analyzing further, it can be seen that the employed pathos are the typical personalities of Chanel's market. Chanel product are created to give the owners the right to become members of the elite society with their beauty, sex appeal, and being luxurious. These characteristics are already embedded in the Chanel ...Show more


Business organizations are irrefutably competing in a hypercompetitive landscape. This more intense rivalry necessitates the establishment and execution of more efficient marketing strategies. …
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Advertisments essay example
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