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Meteorology Clouds - Article Example

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Meteorology Clouds

To observe them and consider how, with each respective cloud formation, the way in which they are composed, can actually be a sign of a specific weather pattern(s) that would be coming in the near future .
Starting off, in terms of the classification of cloud formations, "Clouds are classified into a system that uses Latin words to describe their appearance and the height of cloud base. This classification was developed by theEnglish chemist Luke Howard in 1803," (Gourdeau, 2003-2010). The appearance of each individual cloud would go on to provide the necessary information for weather forecasters, in terms of being able to come to a better idea, as to what type of weather may be on the horizon.
The literal labels for cloud types would be as follows, "The Latin words used are: cirrus which means"curl of hair"; stratus which means "layer"; cumulus which means"heap"; and nimbus which means"rain"," (Gourdeau, 2003-2010). As a way to figure out which cloud formation would mean what, in terms of the nimbus cloud, they would be the strongest to be able to identify that they were rain clouds, in that their meaning from the Latin term, would in fact be rain.
There are three type categories, where clouds fall within. Those are high level, mid level and finally, low level. The clouds found at the higher levels, would be the coldest of the three levels. ...
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