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In the UK, diabetes is still the most common cause of blindness in the working population. 20-25% of patients entering end-stage renal failure replacement programmes have diabetes. The health commission reported that, there are almost two million people who are undiagnosed diabetics and the majority are women. Many people have diabetes for several years before it is diagnosed. (Daily Post, 2006, p. 17) Pregnancy in women with diabetes has a poorer outcome for the foetus than a non-diabetic pregnancy. (Diabetes, 2006)
Approximately 6.4% of all pregnancies are complicated by diabetes in UK excluding those 1.9% pregnancies where the mother had insulin-dependent and gestational diabetes. (Lowy et al) The majority (90%) of diabetics in UK are gestational diabetics defined as onset or recognition of abnormal carbohydrate metabolism during pregnancy. Type 1 diabetes is characterised by pancreatic beta cell dysfunction with a resultant lack of insulin production requiring exogenous insulin therapy as a mainstay of treatment as well as dietary management. The average age of diagnosis for type 1 in UK women is less than 30. Type 2 diabetes is usually diagnosed at greater than 40 years of age, so this type of diabetes is not encountered as frequently in pregnancy, although it is by far the most prevalent type of diabetes nationwide. (Kendrick, 1999, p. 224)
The risk for adverse pregnancy outcome in UK women with diabetes h ...
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Diabetes is as common in pregnant women as it is among other individuals. The outcome results in unnecessary foetus complications involving abnormality and deaths. The major cause of such complications has been seen due to lack of proper knowledge of diabetes and insulin during pregnancy…
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