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Research Proposal example - Internet devepolment

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Research Proposal
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M-design a mock up of a website for any imaginary company or voluntary organization as identified in part K above. This should conform to the best practice guidelines od joel sklar and any other significant writers.
We have to develop the website design for the usability relies on maximizing advantage of customer…

Extract of sample

The main motive behind the site is improvement of ways of the business by incorporating the e-business. So the website with e-business provides more efficiency related to e-business.
The website should use simple and efficient ways to handle the customer and also site visitors. You can have hyperlinks everywhere you can move anywhere on the web site freely and come back where you want.
One of important thing that is customer learn-ability, if he/she is able to get the information then he will be satisfied and move forward with you. As I early mentioned that business provides its clear policy and its offers, this thing attracts the customer. So customer retention by learn-ability is more forced here.
Accessibility is an attempt to get better the accessibility of the Website for people who are working or using that website. This is especially significant for people who are doing any online transaction or involved in any business on the Web.
All elements on the site have to be perceivable i.e. provide text for non-text content. Here in web site you will need to all information related to your account, business policy, new offers and many other things that are important for a customer.
Interface parts must be in the content and must be operable (i.e. ...
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