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A unique convergence of social and historical conditions in America made overseas migration possible. On the one hand, the nations had begun to relax the rigid governmental controls over emigration which were part of the mercantile system dominated in America.


Similar to many immigrant families, See's relatives and particularly her grandmother entered the USA at the end of 19th century. During this period of time, the state regarded the size of its population as the source of its wealth and power and, except in unusual situations, prohibited departure of its subjects. Nevertheless, during the major part of the nineteenth century the absorption of the immigrant into American society represented a moving equilibrium or a process of favorable accommodation of groups under rapidly changing conditions1. The vast open spaces, the lack of social and class distinctions, the dynamic tempo of our growth, the westward progression, and the mobility of the population promoted the acceptance of the newcomer2. In times of crisis such as wars or economic depressions the moving equilibrium might be disturbed. Immigrants' movements created tensions around the presence of the foreigner, but at least until the latter decades of the nineteenth century these tensions were usually dissolved by accommodation on a new level without restrictive legislation. The American Constitution made the United States the first national state to proclaim the principle that there should be no religious test for office holding. Furthermore, only the President was required by the Constitution to be native-born. ...
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