Gerontology and Gerontic Nursing Practice

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History: Mrs. John is a 76 years old sedentary woman, who came with complaints of Diabetes Mellitus Type II, Malnutrition, Altered Cognitive State and Hypertension. Mrs. John is five foot three, 125 pounds; She has Diabetes M Type II with a Hemoglobin A1C of 7% and a Fasting blood sugar of 165.


Mrs. John aged 76, was admitted with multidiagnosis of Diabetes, Malnutrition, Altered cognitive state and Hypertension. The blood pressure was 170/100 mm Hg; The heart rate 64 beats per minute, her height 5 feet 3 inches, and her weight 153 pounds. A general physical examination showed no abnormalities. Mrs. John was put under Gerontic Nursing care for older people. Geriatrics nurses' best represent the broad range of skills involved in nursing art and science. Older people are often present with multiple challenges including diseases, disabilities, social and psychological losses. This demands immense knowledge from nurses. (Wold G. H. 2004)
Aging is a constant, predictable process that involves growth and development of living organisms. Aging can't be avoided it varies from one person to another. Growing old depends on genes, environmental influences, and life style.
Aging bring disease, there are marked changes when a person grows old like the body wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, hair loss or graying. Aging involves the steady decline of organ function and body systems. (Wanger, J. S.1999) Except in times of exertion or stress these changes may or not be noticeable. As one ages, it may take longer to respond to stimuli. After an illness, it takes longer to recuperate. Body changes associated with aging make Mrs. ...
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