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Cost Management I.P 2

Such meetings can be curtailed till budgetary position improves. This should be second priority. Reducing salaries should be the last option.
We already have the services of two social workers under the head 'Community Mental Health Services'. Therefore we can work with one social worker in 'Outpatient mental health treatment'. The burden can be equally shared between these three. (some more bonus can be distributed amongst these three for putting in extra efforts).
iii. She has to arrange the facilities in such a manner that the cost cutting exercise does not affect the routine check-ups. Dr Stephanie should not be seen as shooing away the patients citing lesser funds. ...
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In this IT age when PCs are replacing Secretaries, the clinic in dire need of austerity measures can also do with only one secretary (he can be given some extra bonus) more secretarial work can be given to the assistant of Dr. White.
Professional meets generally end up in lavish luncheons or late night parties…
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