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transferable skills

DuBrin, Ireland, and Williams (1989) indicated that effective organizational leaders are generally consistent in the way they try to influence the behaviour of group members, with this consistent pattern of behaviour being the leadership style of a given manager.
Shangon is the Executive Director of a non profit organization. She started it with a dream of giving a new dimension to development communications by empowering and orienting language journalists towards development issues. She aspired to create a niche for development communication in the print media.
This organization was started by her in support with her husband in 1998. There was only a group of 4 people initially which later expanded to 12 people and with greater number of projects and assignments. After five years, her husband died of heart attack and she had to manage the organization only by herself.
The organization deals with four major areas which were Training, Documentation, Issue Based Journalism and Theatre for social cause. The NGO incorporate communication and empowerment as the work strategy. The work in the organization involved great deal of creativity and decision making of course in various areas. It involved a lot of supervision from her side. She had to keep her eye on the status of every single project.
She always encourages participation an ...
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Management of any kind require skills. The most important and necessary of these skills is Leadership. Good Leadership skill is an essential prerequisite for good management in both professional and personal life. Different kinds of Leadership styles work for different people depending on the situation and the set-ups…
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