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Who Hates America? The World Stage.

On one side, the 'American is still the greatest country in the world' faces off with their opponents - the 'America is the home of political tyranny and capitalist imperialists' tribe. Each group comes to the table with a particular set of talking points. Each group seems to have an ax to grind, and regardless of the amount of angst burning between them, either group rarely hesitates to through a bit more gasoline on the fire. At times, it seems that the purpose is to create a larger fire, rather than promote honest communication and positive progress toward constructive goals. But such is the life of those who have power vs. those who want to accumulate power. Conflict seems to be the chosen path.

Hating America has been a staple of the American cultural battle since the 1960's. Since a large number of students dissented over the Vietnam War, and took their voice to the streets, and newspaper headlines, political distress has become commonplace in the American culture. ...
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The American political scene is dominated by two major camps. Regardless of the reason that they have joined their perspective group of peers, the groups regularly troll for media coverage in order to project the image of America which best suits their own agenda or believe system…
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