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Effective communication within any organisation is one of the pillars in efficient management of the organisation including the processes and people. Communication can be defined as a process of sharing information, ideas, attitudes resulting in a degree of understanding between a sender and a receiver (Lewis, 1980).


S. Department of Education, 2007). The importance of the organization communication increases proportionally as the size of the organisation increases in terms of its employee's strength, diversity and distributed operations across geographies. The process of ensuring smooth communication within organisation becomes further challenging when the employees in the organisation are speaking same content in a different way which to an extreme can be conflicting in nature which not only confuses the recipient of the communication but also put organisation's image in jeopardy. The conflicting nature of the communication is not limited to organisations which are new in business but are seen to be coming from established organisations as well (Paul A. Argenti and Thea S. Haley, 2006). The streamlining of communication from the leaders of the organisation can be a daunting task if not managed properly. The challenge becomes even bigger when the organisation has its branches in various countries and the head of the centre in a particular country speaks differently from his colleagues. ...
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