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DiSC Personality Sssessment

How important is it that a persons' DISC Profile match up with the perceived needs of a particular job
I wish to address this problem specifically within the context of a teacher's perception of a secondary principal in his or her role of leading teachers through the change process. This could serve as a useful tool in improving the performance of a secondary principal or even help in defining the actual expectations for a particular position. From this basic research, many more meaningful studies could come about. The problem is that we wish to understand what teachers need from the secondary principal in terms of DISC traits and if these perceived needs have the potential to be fulfilled within the actual relationship. We could discover if it is in some way helpful to use the DISC Profile in identifying future candidates and delineate which particular qualities in the candidate make them most appropriate. The study could be used as an aide to modify the performance of an existing principal by identifying key areas for improvement.
The purpose of the study is to determine if there is any correlation between a teacher's perspective of DISC Profile personality traits of an ideal secondary principal and the actual results of DISC analysis of a secondary principal ...
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The DISC Profile is a very accurate measure of an individual's personality type (see What is DISC). This method gives a listing of specific patterns and styles to which a person adheres. The assessment leaves many questions unanswered though. For example, it does not give any indication as to how the results could best be utilized…
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