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How did Jesus compare and contrast with other miracle workers - Essay Example

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How did Jesus compare and contrast with other miracle workers

In the above question, why not the same bad did not occur to others is an inherent pessimism. When that pessimism is absent, one can understand that the good happened for many as a miracle. Hence, a positive attitude with just a limited criticism is necessary to receive a happening as a miracle. Now the question comes about the nature of the miracle and the miracle workers. Before and after Jesus there are miracle workers and World recognizes Jesus as the most famous one. The most important miracle about Jesus is that he rose to life three days after crucifixion, which is extra-human in nature. This is the most contrasting thing that differentiates Jesus from other miracle workers. The comparison of Jesus with other miracle workers is that many of the miracle workers like Moses have lead the distressed and downtrodden to the path of light and created awareness in them. Another thing that is common about the miracles is the increase of faith of followers on the miracle workers (Sanders Theresa, 2000).
The important aspect about Jesus that contrasts him with other miracle workers is his birth. Christians believe that he is son of God. This tag is not available with other miracle workers and they bore the title of prophets, servant of god or saints. No other miracle worker is named as son of the god and this is the important miracle (if it is so), that contrasts Jesus with other miracle workers. ...
The incident and the miracle that made him disappear in person from the earth was a contrast as well. The resurgence of Jesus after crucifixion is also a contrast from other miracle workers' disappearance. In addition to that, the miracles of Jesus lead the Jews to rebel against the kings or the kings felt so (Bockmuehl, Markus Editor, 2002).
In addition to above, another important aspect about Jesus is that the miracles and activities of him resulted in a divine identity. One of the most contrasting aspects about Jesus is that the followers of Jesus characterized him and historians did not condemn him as a messiah, which is absent in case of other miracle workers. Another contrast about Jesus and other miracle workers is that the miracles of Jesus have moral background and other miracle workers have shown miracles in the context of saving their followers from enemies or natural calamities. Miracles of Jesus also have that nature up to some extent, but his miracles possess a nature of inculcating morality in his subjects. Thus, he preached through his miracles, which is not present to that extent in other miracle workers (Bockmuehl, Markus Editor, 2002).
Moreover, the miracles of Jesus healed the followers and thus gave an interpretation to the healings. Jews in the day of Jesus felt that the world is open and it is possible for God or an extra ordinary person like Jesus to perform extra ordinary events (miracles). The origin of the events is the ability of the extra ordinary person or the god. Thus, Jesus has contrast with other miracle workers, as his miracles are foundation for the notion that he has been sent by god. However, in case of miracles of other miracle workers after Jesus, the origin of miracles is Jesus or ...Show more


While considering the Jesus, miracles and other miracle workers, the affect and understanding of miracles on and by the people is important. The miracle is word that is associated with the religion and in this paper, the comparisons and contrasts of the miracles and the miracle workers is necessary…
Author : rhowell
How did Jesus compare and contrast with other miracle workers essay example
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