Physical Education and Academic Achievement - Research Proposal Example

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Physical Education and Academic Achievement

Students shall be divided into two groups: A physical education class and an academic-oriented class. This division shall occur for both 7th and 8th classes which indicate that there shall be four groups. Each group shall be compared from each other thru instruments detailed in later sections. The groups shall be observed weekly and shall be made to undergo a Physical Fitness Test immediately followed by Academic tests. Expected time frame is 3 months. In effect, the data shall provide two results: 1) whether exposure or non-exposure to physical education affects academic performance and 2) how the intensity of physical activity itself affects academic performance
Covariant data shall be constructed for fifth categories. First is the family income where students shall be classified into families having $20000, $20001-60000, $60001-75000 and >$75000. These categories are based on National Statistical Socio Demographic profile which attaches corresponding ability to provide for educational materials with the amount of annual income. Second is the child's ethnicity where the participants shall be classified as: a) White, non-Hispanic, b) Black, non-Hispanic, c) Hispanic and d) other. Third is the previous academic background and performance. Fourth is the any additional educational support system specifically the amount of time a mother devotes to educate their children. ...
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There is an ongoing trend of schools in the United States of minimizing physical education programs in favour of offering more academic courses. The logic is that with more time spent in academic classes, the greater will be the student's academic achievement…
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