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It takes lesser hard work and more of perseverance to reach the assigned targets and desired goals in life. However strange this notion may seem, it is true and proven to the extent that I attribute my successes in life more to my determination and patience, as compared to the limitless hard work I put in.


I had to start looking for full day (and sometimes night) employment in order to support my family. I engaged with all the responsibilities and duties of making a living as well as supporting and helping my siblings with their studies, the chances of attaining my degree and thus developing a fine career shrunk for me. My decision of a dual tracked routine of serving employment as well as pursuing education received discouraging remarks from my friends and family, making the scenario even worst.
The problems and tribulations were quite sufficient to get me off track and lead to self-centered conduct, which would not have been looked at with praise or pride. But I made sure that whatever happens, I will not terminate my studies and will not let anything tarnish my intellect. Things were not as easy going as they were before, and the thought of saying farewell to my studies was just so repellent.
It was rather an extremely laborious and demanding path. But since leaving unfinished business is something I never approve of, I resumed my studies as soon as I could by exploiting the opportunity of completing my degree course through a part time evening program. Although it took me an extra time period of two years to attain this degree, but it landed me as a junior pharmacist in Ranbaxy, which would not have been a possibility otherwise. ...
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