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One would ask 'why people switch to buying online rather than visiting stores and feeling the actual experience. Online Shopping is shopping you do online. There are sites that let you buy directly from manufacturers, online versions of regular retail stores, auctions, specialty sites, comparison sites, group buying sites and so on.
With companies like e-bay and Amazon, life has become easier for the firms as these sites contain not just only catalogs but also information about the related products which the previous buyers had viewed or tagged before buying the particular product. This adds to the ease of making decision for the customer. Further such sites also allow giving technical support to both the firm and the customer. For example e-bay provides seller tools to help run a business more efficiently, such as 'Turbo Lister' and 'Selling Manager'.
The world is changing rapidly and therefore it is an agile competition overall. Each organization requires a perfect strategic edge in order to maintain or improve its clientele. The Web is regarded as the database of databases and in current perspective it has eased the search criteria for every individual involved in buying or selling online. ...
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Communication is expanding rapidly across different cultures and so is information. In the 1980s there were only databases that catered to really large amount of data. Thirst for expansion is also increasing among the firms and the easiest way to enter the new markets is through the usage of Internet as a source for advertisement…
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