Characteristics of science journalism

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Science journalism tends to be mostly practiced by the people who majored in humanities rather than in science. We can also concede that when science writing is done by people with actual science background, it offer it because the writers would really prefer to be doing science rather than journalism.


Human attitudes are turned with the use of language in the articles. The more simple and correct is the language the more are the readers attracted. When we look at the metaphor in science we can say that it is very interesting to read of the increasing interest that is being generated around metaphors in science. It actually impossible in terms of formulating any easy understanding of the natural world without metaphors in some way or another. in the biological world, metaphors have a further complication in that they frequently become teleologies as well. a teleology is nothing but an explanation that accords purpose to some attribute. So, the eye is designed to be some sort of video camera; the immune system is designed to defend the body against foreign organisms; hair is designed to insulate the body; feathers are designed to help a bird fly. There has been a great trend to condemn metaphor and teleology, "out of hand", as unscientific; so much so in biomedicine that the literature generated in scientific journals has become increasingly sterile and unadventurous. ...
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