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Political The Need to Educate the Children of Illegal Immigrants in the United States - Essay Example

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Illegal immigration in the United States has been a hot topic of discussion among the congress as well as the policy makers in the country. This is owing to the fact that the United States continues to be an enticing destination for most disadvantaged people as it is portrayed as the land of opportunity…
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Political Essay The Need to Educate the Children of Illegal Immigrants in the United States
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Political The Need to Educate the Children of Illegal Immigrants in the United States

As such, this paper dedicates itself to unveiling the core reasons behind advocacy for the need to educate these children on why policy makers should rethink their priorities as regards this issue.
Before proceeding it is important to note that education is a basic right that should be accorded to all irrespective of there race or nationality, income disposition and so on. That said according to law a child born within the boundaries of United States is by birth a US citizen and thus entitled to receive all benefits of a US citizen and that includes proper education. 1 Therefore it would seem rather obvious that all and sundry should accept that there is undisputable need to educate these children. However, this has not been the case as the proposal has been met with robust opposition from a considerable number of people as they see it as a potential destruction to the quality of education as well as one that could necessitate a change in the curriculum of education which is both tedious and expensive. The government cannot afford to sustain a publicly funded education program for all the children who land in US with education, the reason being that the tax payer would be the one to bear the brunt of increased taxes to support the programs.2 It is no secret that the US citizen is an already overburdened taxpayer and an added cost to it would strain most incomes to breaking point.
Away from that the question begs, what benefits does the United States stand to gain from educating the children of illegal immigrants On the surface it would seem that this step will be counter productive in that it reinforces further illegal immigration into the US. Nonetheless looking deeper there are some advantages to this. For example, well qualified children will contribute to the educated and professional workforce in the US which obviously is much needed.3 It makes no sense to turn away potentially gifted individuals who may someday make significant contribution to the betterment of the future welfare of United States. Currently the college ranking of US has dwindled significantly in relation to other industrialized countries and it is projected that this downward trend will continue unless something is done. Governor Jim Hunt has sat many education commissions and panel points out that the baby boomers glory is beginning to fade as many retire and the new entrants into the workforce are not as qualified and educated. Most of them constitute the minorities in the society who are also children of illegal immigrants.4
From a moral view point it is the government's ethical responsibility to educate these children. It is all about wanting the best for our children. Employers and church leaders who advocate for this posits that if enterprises depend on labor from illegal immigrants then it is only right that their children be educated in return. These illegal immigrants work so hard to earn a place in the United States and also contribute taxes (direct and indirect tax) to the government. This tax entitles their children to quality education.
Discriminate access to education poses great danger to the internal security of the citizens of US. This may sound far fetched but in perspective it is not. This is because uneducated children of illegal immigrants would be forced to turn to crime in order to make ends meet for them and their families.5 One can only ... Read More
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(Political Essay The Need to Educate the Children of Illegal Immigrants)
“Political Essay The Need to Educate the Children of Illegal Immigrants”, n.d. https://studentshare.net/miscellaneous/275535-political-essay-the-need-to-educate-the-children-of-illegal-immigrants-in-the-united-states.
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