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Essay example - Multinational Financial Management

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This is a note of financial exploration from the treasurer of World Access Healthcare, Inc., to the World Access Healthcare, Inc. board of directors, in regard to our corporate directive, as it applies to expansion. Today, we are introducing a financial proposal that will encompass and outline how these proposed steps below will take us from being a national corporation into our corporate goal of being a multi-national, multi-billion dollar empire, as we utilizing two chief financial avenues in order to complete this task…

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With that, we need to discuss our corporate instruments of financial expansion, and the elements that those financial instruments will incorporate.
Within the approaches chosen for financial expansion, we need to develop a one, three and five year financial approach, with a ten year revamping contingency, if still in operation strongly, toward our goal in expanding in order to become a multi-billion dollar, multinational organization. Right now, we are going to focus on the three to five year tier of our planned goals.
As the appointed treasurer of World Access Healthcare, Inc., the timing of this report and expansion is critical. Thus, let's begin to outline, chart and discuss potential financial avenues, in detail, as well as outline or highlight their benefits in regard to expansion.
First, let's get familiar with the terminology at hand. An asset backed commercial paper has a similar premise as a promissory note-a note in which a person (or business entity) gets promised payment by a company or corporate body in lieu of actual cash or currency payment during a rocky receivable period or a cash poor time. ...
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