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Essay example - English and Vocational Training

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In today's fast paced modern world, where globalisation is the key, the emergence of the English language as the common international language has facilitated a medium of common communication. In spite of large diversity in languages, cultures and nationalities across the world, English remains the bridge to connect individuals from a plethora of backgrounds…

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The importance of English as the medium of education is on a steady rise and is being incorporated into countries which are non-English in their linguistic backgrounds.
Today, we have a wide range of careers options, that are inclusive of stereotypic career options like English Literature, Arts, Sciences, etc. and also the newly emerging vocational careers like engineering, electronics, electrical communication and the like, which depend more towards the technicalities, rather than linguistic prowess. However, communication is an important aspect of life and good communication skills set apart a good employee from a bad one.
Mere command over technicalities is not the only criteria in the process of selecting employees. Good language skills count and since English is the common language across the world, good command over the English language is a must to come across as a candidate with great fluency and proficiency.
Vocational training given to candidates in the fields of telecommunications, electricals and electronics need training in the English language, as well. ...
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