Website Development.The Recommended Activities. Part 5

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The goal of this lesson is to take the site's structure and map it onto the visual design. A number of tools are useful in creating the design. The first step is to make layout grids that define the structure and organization of the site


Then design sketches will establish a general look and feel. Layout grids and design sketches together lead to page mock-ups, which in turn lead to the construction of Web-based prototypes" (Shiple, 2008, pg. 5). The purpose of this paper is to read through Lesson 5 in the informational architecture tutorial, and carry out as many of the recommended activities as possible.

The core lessons that the author wants his readers to learn in this portion of the informational architecture tutorial deal with visual design. Included in this concept are layout grids, design sketches and page mock-ups and, of course, addition to the design document.

Whereas the activities that were recommended seem easy enough, none of them were able to be carried out since there was no organization available to practice on. The main lesson learned information architecture as a socio-technical issue from the tutorial format, above and beyond what was learned from other sources was that the simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step format made it much easier to understand that just reading about the process and its definition alone.

This tutorial teaches one how to progress step-by-step through the information architecture process, which is a positive I have never seen before. Most of the time, the process is grouped together with a lot of other stuff and is difficult to understand. ...
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