The history of Arab-Israeli conflict Was the Oslo peace agreement failure Why

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Much has been said and discussed in relation to the Arab-Israeli conflict. Much has also been written as for the Oslo Accord and their role in the resolution of the conflict. The aim of this work is to reflect upon the consequences and the reasons of failure of the Oslo agreement process.


The 26 years of Israeli occupation were the period, preceding the signed Oslo agreement (usually called Oslo Accord). These 26 years are divided into the two different periods: the first period is called 'easy conquest'1. It was the period, during which Israel kept around 15,000 of military occupiers at the Palestinian territory. This number was drastically increased during the period of Intifada, and according to various estimates, the number of Israeli troops at that time was more than 180,000; but in the period of 1981-83, the new rules of governing Palestinian people were implemented, and the indirect ruling was replaced by the Israeli manpower, which had to govern Palestinians at each level. This was the beginning of perception, that Palestinians didn't feel free and safe on their territory anymore, and thus the need of peaceful resolution was becoming more and more evident. What we see at present - are the consequences of the flawed process of Oslo agreement, which has been built in the wrong direction from the very beginning. We have here to understand, what were the backgrounds of such agreement, and why Palestinians have not accepted it as the means of finding a common solution to their problem, as through the literary sources reviewed, Palestinians are depicted as the victims of the unfair attitudes, stated in Oslo Accord.
The consequ ...
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