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Essay example - Privacy in Cyber Space

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Internet has played a vital role in the every aspect of our lives. The use of basic services such as email, chat and web-surfing is now a part of our daily routine and we normally take them as very normal to our day to day chores. Despite the many benefits of using the internet critical issues such as Censorship, Content Filtering, Anonymity and Privacy in Cyberspace are posing a constant challenge to everyone including individuals as well as businesses & corporate sector…

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However, the internet has also been of significant advantage to us in many ways. Where many of its services have benefited us in numerous ways, the email has had a significant character, besides other uses, in the commerce and trade sector. Email has proved to be the information and communication "Backbone" in most of the organizations (ColdSpark, 2007). It has been successfully used to facilitate the day to day business activities & processes, shared working environment, document transfer, corporate communication (both internal and external) and memorandums. According to the statistics, more than 35 percent of critical business information is found in companies is transferred via emails. Such a high figure means a high stance of dependency on the email service(s) and thus the nature of the content that is being transferred through these emails has actually forced many organizations to re-evaluate the significance of managing the email throughout its whole lifecycle. (ML Inc., 2008)
Traditionally, the common practice was to retain the backup of all emails as per the IT department's needs and cost factor. ...
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