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Architecture High School - Essay Example

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Architecture High School

I appreciate this specific building on account of its marvellous weaving of ornamentation, function and structure. The use of ornamentation adds elements of interest to the architecture of the theatre.
The picture shows the outside of pavilion. It is simple structure with a flat roof covering the interiors from top, supported by steel columns and panelled with glass and marble that act as side covers to the interiors. The picture shows the simple structure of columns on the right side with the panelled glass fitted in between two columns. The building shows experimentation with the steel frames and glass walls. In the structure, they are placed vertically or horizontally and can be freely positioned to form a flexible plan. In lines with the modernist philosophy, the building displays construction technology that was uncommon during the time it was built. It is devoid of any unnecessary ornamentation and does not follow any identified elements of any traditional architecture.
The plan of Ziln was influenced by the ideas of Corbusier. Corbusier proposed the introduction of modernisation in the plan of the city, in order to meet the requirements of the day. The plan displays the axial long and uninterrupted roads that are designed to take the heavy traffic of the city and help in better commutation in an industrial city. The plan also shows different districts separated from each other that seem to be assigned with specific functions; some for residences and the other with industrial development.

Pic4: p247 (234 Mies van der, Seagram Building, New York, 1958)
The Seagram building by Mies Van Der Rohe, displays almost all the attributes of modernism and I like the picture of this building for the same reason. The simple forms of the entire volume of building, resembles simplest form of geometry, as advocated by modernism. Devoid of any ornamentation on the outsides and realised with the materials like steel frames and glass panes, the building utilises the modern construction technology and materials. The building is self reliant in terms of its identity and the use of forms that are self referential and do not fall back on any historical styles. In its faade, it displays originality of function with it being devoid of any ornamentation and relying only upon the extruded sections of bronze in combination with the dark tinted glass in order to achieve its aesthetics.

Pic5: p.320 (328 Barragan and Goeritz, Satellite City Tower, Mexico City, 1957)
Barragan, in collaboration with Goeritz designed five abstract towers in Mexico City. The picture shows a set of five buildings that are self referential and independent in terms of its architectural style and grammar. The abstract towers, with its sharp edge, bear no resemblance with any identified style of architecture. The construction style of the buildings comprises of standardised mass production, a key element of modernism. The facades are devoid of any sort of ornamentation and treatment. I personally like the boldness of the forms that fall back to the basics of geometry for its generation.

Pic6: P.325 (336 Ando, Koshino House, ...Show more


The Schauspielhaus, theatre and concert hall, displays a performance area and the seating arrangement in the surroundings. The central dome displays a grid of trabeated rings arranged one above the other and having space in between that allow the placement of openings covered with glass…
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Architecture High School Essay essay example
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