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According to Roger, behavior is a acquired through a learning process in a diverse social situations. It is mainly a product of interactions with the environment, which involves individual's ability to perceive and distinguish between different situations they encounter…

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Therefore each individual may have unique personalities due to unique life experiences and their interpretations. These are products of the concept of self leading to individual perceptions and feelings which ultimately strive to maintain and enhance the person.
As indicated in Roger's theory of self-actualization, the human behavior, which is essentially an expression of human actions in the social environment actually emanates from "self." The concept of self as indicated in Roger is "organized, consistent, conceptual gestalt composed of perceptions of the characteristics" of self and its relationships to others and various other aspects of life along with "the values attached to these perceptions." Therefore self does exist which essentially thrives in personal perceptions, feelings about one's own, perceptions about strengths and weaknesses, and interpretations about interrelations. In this way social experiences and their perceptions in the context of self shape the "self" when it continues to become fulfilled through its natural tendency to encounter new experiences.
The concept of self-actualization contends that people can become fully functional with freedom and emotional support leading to a psychological growth. Each individual has a real self comprising of self perceptions and an ideal self which represents the individual's desire gained from experiences. ...
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