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Different ethical doctrines or theories can likely create a very notable difference on how the executives carry out a decision. In the case of the operation of Ford Pinto, an ethical egoist's suggestion to Ford's executive at those times will most likely differ from that of a utilitarian…


In the Ford Pinto case an ethical egoist would most probably advise Ford's executives to continue the production of the car. With the fierce competition that the automobile industry in those days, it was wise that Ford would launch a product that will have a commanding competitive edge. Ford Pinto passed all the qualifications that would make the car a hot item. In terms of price, passenger convenience, fuel efficiency, and other criteria Ford Pinto is outstanding.
The car, however, had only one critical flaw, its safety. Its design makes it susceptible to put the car into flames that will endanger its passengers. Ford still manufactured Pinto despite the fact that its engineers were aware about the issue beforehand. Nevertheless, an ethical egoist's defense to Ford's decision is the huge cost that they would incur if they stop the production. As mentioned above, safety is only a small disadvantage of the car compared to its many benefits. Besides, it is the responsibility of the buyer to minimize the risk to accidents. Concerning the issue of the car's design an ethical egoist may argue that Ford has a patented fuel tank that is more dependable and robust compared to other car brands. Stopping Pinto's production will greatly affect the financial status of the company. This huge cost may cause the corporation to close. This will definitely harm the laid off employees and also the US economy. ...
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