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Essay example - Service Quality Management

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Organisations operating in the service industry have to concentrate on meeting five performance objectives in order to meet their service delivery requirements. Whilst organisations in the manufacturing industry have to concentrate on manufacturing goods and have little customer contact, organisations in the service industry have to work intensively with their customers…

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Doing things right all the time also involves making sure their service is fit for purpose, and that the service is what the customer is expecting. In an environment where customers are faced with increasing choice, getting this concept right is very important. Time is also a commodity for customers and therefore organisations need to ensure that their service delivery is fast and minimises the waiting period for customers, and this includes queue management. The ability to deliver on time and to the right specifications enhances an organisation's dependability advantage, as customers prefer consistency in their suppliers. Another important aspect of service delivery is the flexibility advantage, which goes hand in hand with choice. Most service organisations will offer variety and flexibility in a bid to stop their customer from going to one of their competitors.
Another final important aspect of the service delivery process is the cost advantage which means costing its services appropriately and ensuring the cost reflects the quality of the service provided. This essay shall analyse service delivery at Top Shop which is a clothing retailer to illustrate the importance of this concept, and will proceed with a critical evaluation of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in relation to service delivery.
Top Shop is one of the Uni ...
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