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Ethics: Theory and Practice - Essay Example

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There are some basic concepts that people use on a regular basis, and which to a large degree make our interaction with the world and with others meaningful. The notions of ethics and morality definitely belong to the list of such important conceptions, and can even be considered superior to many other ones as without our assurance that our beliefs are morally justified we can hardly hope to effectively cooperate in the social environment, which in its turn would clearly render us quite helpless in our everyday life…

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Ethics: Theory and Practice

First of all, let us briefly analyze the details of the situation Katia is in. It is wartime, which means that all people suffer in an approximately the same manner. At the same time, it is safe to suppose that normal ways of punishment, like possibility of arrest and trial which might scare the girl under normal conditions, are not working because of the shift in priorities to the need for a town to survive. So, the factor of the fear of punishment is weakened for Katia, which adds to this case the additional relevance as it turns it into a purely moral dilemma that Katia faces before stealing. Now, let us adopt a view that the followers of the tradition of egoism in ethics would promote. According to egoism, one is and should be always motivated by self-interest, which definitely justifies Katias act of stealing, and on a superficial level even makes it justified during hard but peaceful times. However, the problem for ethical egoism is to find out what is ultimately in ones interest. ...
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