Cross Cultural Perspectives

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You can bring the change about yourelf or it can come in way that give you little choice about it what, when, and how. Fighting againt change can low it down or divert it, but it won't top it however. If you wih to ucceed in thi rapidly changing new world "you mut learn to look on change a a friend - one who preent you with an opportunity for growth and improvement."


To cope with an unpredictable world you mut build an enormou amount of flexibility into your organization. While you cannot predict the future, you can get a handle on trend, which i a way to take advantage of change and convert rik into opportunitie.
n today' tidal wave of global economic, technological, and ocial change, that name of the game for you and your organization i urvival. If you are going to withtand relentle and contantly growing global competition, you need to be different and radically change the way of doing buine. You have to give up the old hierarchical, adverarial approach which wate individual talent and ap energy in unproductive conflict. Intead you need to create a new management model, witch from management to leaderhip, manage change, build trut, drive out fear of failure and and create productive partnerhip in which everyone can offer their unique knowledge and talent. If you know how to help your organization to do thi, you can make a deciive difference.
How you change a buine unit to adapt to hifting economy and market i a matter of management tyle. Evolutionary change, that involve etting direction, allocating reponibilitie, and etablihing reaonable timeline for achieving objective, i relatively painle. ...
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