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Talent Practices at the Home Depot

Therefore the only manner in which the company can truly differentiate itself is through its service standards.
Employees are key to offering customers with the highest levels of service. Home Depot is aware of this fact and therefore uses its employees to gain competitive advantage over its rivals in all the different countries that it operates in. In order to gain competitive advantage through its employees, the company communicates the strategic importance of them to the company (Burke & Cooper, 2004). The performance levels that are expected of them are constantly communicated to them and they are provided with ongoing training to help them to update their knowledge and upgrade their skills, based on the area of the business the work in, whether it is on the shop floor or the office (Adamson, 2006). However since the company has to differentiate itself from its rivals in a highly competitive market, the company pays special attention to employees on the shop floor, who are the first line of contract with the customers and hence the most able to make a difference.
Since this is the 'do it yourself' industry, the best employees are those who can help customers in their 'do it yourself' projects. ...
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Home Depot's tag line since 2003 has been 'you can do it, we can help', which is self explanatory about the 'do it yourself' industry. The company has positioned itself as the biggest asset to any individual who wants to embark on projects in their home and garden…
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