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The destruction of old-growth forests will also mean the extinction of wildlife, most of them already endangered today. Aside from the economic value for potential lumber, large tracts of old-growth forests may also be used to address climate change by sequestration of greenhouse gas emissions which makes conservation a key to the overall strategy of stabilizing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations (Sempervirens, 2008). A company like Maxxam's interests in the ancient redwood forest of Pacific Lumber is purely a commercial one, a profitable investment, and it seems from the Case Resource, only a source of immediate revenues for personal gain or to solve financial problems occurring in the other areas of business of its owner. There is no doubt that a forest would have economic value for its owner. In terms of this value, the owner should weigh against immediate and huge cash returns from depleting the forest or sustained and long term returns through application of proper commercial forest management. For the owner and the company's employees, it should be important that there be trees and income not only for them but for their children's children (Blencowe, 2008). This author's opinion is that redwoods are equally important as jobs. To maintain the jobs, the redwoods must be maintained.
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1. Does an ancient redwood forest have value other than its economic one as potential lumber If so, what is this value, and how is it to be weighed against the interests of a company like Maxxam Are redwoods more important than jobs
An ancient redwood forest has value other than its economic one as potential lumber…
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