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I have been throughout my life a very focused and an organized person. Throughout my life I have seen extensive development of careers and professions of hardworking people who are devoted to the work that they do.


The one point in common that I have seen in all those people who have commanded my admiration is the building up of rudimentary skills to the point that they become absolute masters in those skills. From the early beginnings of my high school career, I have dreamed of attending [University Name goes here].The [University Name Goes here] is committed to excellence and of the need to develop well-qualified able people in all spheres. The program, which I will be undertaking is the Finance and Economics Degree Program, I hope will be a clear demonstration of this commitment that the university has promised. The University has developed a demanding series of programs that will enable participants to extend and improve their abilities in the above mentioned field. The University's academic staffs are well respected for their research work, sought after for commercial advice and dedicated to developing the talents of the course members through teaching. They also bring to the program a wealth of practical experience that enables them to combine, in lectures and case studies that help the students in the long run. ...
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