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Starbucks Coffee Shop

The Starbucks brand has been known not only for its coffee and food, but mostly for being one of the companies which incorporates customer service as part of its brand proposition. Over the years, Starbucks has positioned itself as the third place, next to home, and office or school. This so-called Starbucks experience embodies the intangible aspect of the store's brand offer.
The core products that Starbucks offers are tea, coffee and pastries. However, even though being a coffee shop does not confine the Starbucks brand as a store where such products can be bought. This intangible (Gabbott & Hogg, 1994) that accompanies the products that consumers pay for is comprised of the total experience they get in the form of service from the shop's crews.
Apart from the physical product such as coffee and food, the service in the Starbucks requires customers to participate in the service. This according to Wolak, Kalafatis and Harris (1998) is the inseparability characteristic of service. Because consumption cannot be separated from the provider which is the Starbucks' staff, what Starbucks offers can only be achieved by the customer by participating in the service, i.e. placing her order, and paying and waiting for her drink. ...
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In this essay I am going to analyze a physical service in my area. The service that I have chosen for the project is Starbucks Coffee Shop. Starbucks is a reputed brand and famous for its coffee. However, other items are also available here, like food items.
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