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Essay example - How does Moslow's Hierachy of needs play a role in employee appraisel

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No doubt, appraisals can help motivate employees. Most people appreciate the time their supervisor spends discussing their work, as well as praise for good performance; just hearing the supervisor's viewpoint can be motivating. Employees also tend to put forth the greatest effort in the areas that get appraised…

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When we talk about motivation, Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs" comes forth as one of the more known theories that explain the roots of motivation. His provocative ideas about motivation, self-actualization and synergy have become the basis of some familiar concepts to many managers, management theorists and trainers. His humanistic approach to management has influenced fields as diverse as counseling, health care, education and marketing.
Fact is that Maslow actuated a serious investigation as he delved deeper in the human psyche to study the roots of motivation. In his fervent and unrelenting investigations, he carefully studied human behavior and delineated five basic goals of that every human need. By level of importance, he identified the needs as physiological, safety, love, esteem and self-actualization. One could infer in this proposition that it is the task of each human being to achieve his or her own concept of self-actualization.
Physiological - As humans are classified as living beings, physiological needs definitely are the most basic and of prime importance in the list of human needs Maslow enumerated. ...
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