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politisc - Research Proposal Example

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Author : novakuphal
Research Proposal
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This survey attempts to measure the way in which people vote. It also measures the political attitudes of the voters and their opinion of different political issues. The objective of this survey is to increase our understanding of the trends of voting in the British population and predict the voting preference based on a number of dependent variables.

Extract of sample

The independent variable is gender, age, level of interest in elections, bases to pick political party, level of trust in British politicians and opinion regarding effectiveness of voting. The questionnaire is to include all of the independent and dependent variables. The answers of the questionnaire are entered in the SPSS processor for statistical analysis.
The data obtained from the questionnaire will be a mix of categorical and numerical. The categorical data will be gender, interest in elections, bases to pick party, opinion of effectiveness of voting, party to vote for. This categorical data will be enumerated and encoded in order to reflect the level of intensity of each category. This code is later used in the statistical engine to infer logical assumptions from the data. The numerical data to be used is age and level of trust of the British politicians.
From the above table it is evident that the trust level for the British politicians is 4.3 on a scale from zero to ten. The standard deviation is 2.61 indicating that almost 75% of the sample trusts their politicians at a level from 1.7 to 6.9. The following figure demonstrates the distribution of the level of trust among sample tested.
An alpha value of .05 is chosen to accept or reject the null hypothesis. ...
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