Organisations face a variety of contradictory and competing approaches when deciding whether or not to comply with "industry norms"

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When organisations are faced with the possibility of complying with industry norms, they can choose from a variety of contradictory and competing approaches to the feat. Before doing so, it is important that they consider a number of factors and perform a critical analysis of theories that are related to their situation.


The Group's mobile subsidiaries operate under the brand name 'Vodafone'. In the United States the Group's associated undertaking operates as Verizon Wireless. During the last two financial years, the Group has also entered into arrangements with network operators in countries where the Group does not hold an equity stake. Under the terms of these Partner Network Agreements, the Group and its partner networks co-operate in the development and marketing of global services under dual brand logos. At 30 September 2007, based on the registered customers of mobile telecommunications ventures in which it had ownership interests at that date, the Group had 241 million customers, excluding paging customers, calculated on a proportionate basis in accordance with the Company's percentage interest in these ventures.
Vodafone seeks to be the worldwide communications leader in over the period of the next 2-5 years. In order to accomplish this, they will first and foremost have to deal with telecommunication industry regulations (Damien & Kerf 2003). Vodafone also consistently has to address customer complaints that stem from their competitors. International trends also play a factor, including "the liberalization of the terminal equipment market and the market for value-added services" (Bauer 1994).
In order to stay ahead of the g ...
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