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Reflective on History (Gender Studies)

When we say gender, it is actually how the culture we are in to categorize the difference between a man and a woman in the social formation. In other words, gender depends on the form of norms the society suggests. Lastly, sexuality is the modern discourse concerning sex which Foucault studied 2. There two known gender for animate matters, it is very much evident that human in nature is very patriarchal. Men dominate above women.
It is already an issue on which to follow for the categories of gender. The conservative society will claim that there are only two accepted gender, the male or female. The society's notion on gender evolved and little by little entertained the other kind of gender which is the "third sex" (as what they call it) the homosexuals1. Just like in the Modern West, they believe that gender is more of nature. This means that there is only male and female basing on the anatomical features 2. But when we say "anatomical", we are actually referring to the science of life called "Biology". This science belongs to the 20th century batch of sciences and believes that the existence of the third sex has reasons and causes. This science therefore has a different belief with that of the Modern West. ...
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In grammar, gender is the distinction made between words to indicate a difference of sex in the objects they denote. Names signifying the male sex are masculine gender; those denoting the female sex are feminine gender, and those indicating to inanimate objects are neuter gender, neither masculine nor feminine1…
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