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This means that students may have to reschedule their arrival in the early morning even if their classes are in the afternoon session just to get a better parking spot!!
Further, parking space provided for faculty members is 3-4 decks high and lies partially unoccupied due to its better parking space Vs vehicles ratio. And if students use these slots during rush hour, they are penalized through issue of tickets or towing away of vehicles even if these slots were vacant.
Some students prefer to park their vehicles in the off-campus parking slots like Starbucks when their classes are closer to such parking lots than student's parking area. Unfortunately, students having classes at West campus or the forum area cannot do this! Similarly, some faculties like business have their classes closer to Beaver stadium, but is it possible for all university students to change over to business faculty simply to avail of this advantage! This is an unnecessary benefit for some students which also needs to be streamlined.
This acute problem of parking facility for the students often creates unnecessary anxiety in terms of finding a parking slot at the last moment, lack of parking slot during the rush hour, waiting for a bus/walking down all the way and delays on such accords leading to students being penalized for coming late, feeling of a bias among students due to underutilized parking slots for facul ...
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It is a well known fact that students of this institution are facing an acute parking problem due to severe shortage of parking place. Present ruling requires all students not staying in the campus and using their private vehicles to use the parking space provided to them at Beaver stadium…
Author : aufderharlamar

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