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Human Sexuality- Prostitution - Essay Example

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Human Sexuality- Prostitution

Fundamentally, it could be stated that the answers lies in the different sociological factors that has dominant influence on the human mind in relation to pornography like prostitution, adolescent malfunction, marriage, concept of love, homosexuality and various sexual perversions.

It could be stated that the history of pornography can be traced back to the site of prostitution. It should be remembered that during the excavation at the site of Pompeii a roman brothel was found which an all kind of sexual activities depicted on the wall. One of them included a man having sexual act with a goat and several had polygamous scenario. In another site in India near Tamluk several terracotta plates were excavated that has varieties of sexual orientations engraved on it including woman having sexual act with a dog or fox. That site was identified as a brothel. Though the sex manual of 400 AD India (Crooks, 2005) was not pornography but a philosophy concerning sexuality, it should be remembered that the site of this text was a brothel in Pataliputra. Thus the connection between pornography and prostitution could be well established. It is obvious that the establishment of prostitution was often implemented by the local rulers for various motives but it is true at the same time that these prostitutions only yielded detrimental effects on the society by harvesting different sexual disease like syphilis more often than not. The spreading of these diseases is the direct implant of prostitutions and pornography is the indirect effect that instigated the general mass into visiting the brothels. The same is more or less true in modern times as it has been found that almost 90% of the regular visitors of brothels are user of pornography. Thus, pornography, non violent or not is a serious injury to the decency of the society along with prostitution. (Dos, 2006)

It is obvious sexuality is a normal course of action of a human body and it is prevalent all along, or most of the life of a human being. In due course of action the emergence of sexual feelings starts with the aspects of puberty and this is the time one gets interested into sexual motifs if not directly into sexual acts. Adolescence is that time of human body when one gets interested into sexual pleasure. But this also the time of development of the mind and intellect that would be so vital for the society in tie to come. Logically, this era should be well nurtured and cared and shaped into a perfect future but it has been found that pornography often instigates these juvenile members of the society into premature indulgence into sexual acts. (Dos, 2006)

Adolescences are mostly drawn towards pornography. It has been found that adolescents who are not exactly normal in the context of social structure are the most logical readers of pornography. It is hard to ascertain that Adolescences stuck to pornography are more inclined to abnormal social behaviors or abnormal social behaviors among Adolescences lead to pornography. But it is true that whether, directly or indirectly, there are many short and long term affects of victimization especially in relation to pornography and adolescence. Adolescence carries many different emotional and physical responses to biological changes in children and these changes can be affected by violence and abuse sustained by the adolescent. The statistics ...Show more


To ascertain this problem it is important to investigate into the psychological variable of the human nature from the social aspects of human sexuality as the variables relating to pornography yields from these two aspects…
Author : martin33
Human Sexuality- Prostitution essay example
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