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Managing Change Master

Also, measures and ways to monitor the change process will be examined. The project will end with an examination of other change management methods that XYZ aught to have used, and the challenges that the organization may face in the foreseeable future spanning from the next five to ten years and possible contingent solutions to these problems.
For change to be successful, commitment is vital. According to Kotter, "Most people won't go on the long march unless they see compelling reasons to do so and the reasons are producing expected results". This question addresses the internal and external forces of change affecting XYZ construction
Organisational paradigm according to Johnson & Scholes (1997) are those set of assumptions, beliefs which are rarely talked about, which are not considered problematic and most often managers in an organisation are unlikely to be explicit about it. It reflects the collective experience without which members of an organisation would have to do things their own way in different situations they face (Johnson 1992, Johnson &Scholes 1997). ...
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The following project titled 'Change Management Plan for XYZ' is aimed at examining the change management project that took place in XYZ. The first part will try to identify the need for change and its implications particularly on human behavior. The second part will try to develop a plan that addresses the human variables and potential resistance to this change…
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