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Email and Postal Rules

Its main effect is that the danger of acceptance being lost or delivered late by post is completely placed on the offered. Thus, if the offered is unwilling to accept the risk involved, he can acquire the actual receipt before binding legally.1
Over the last couple of decades, beginning from the 1990s, there is a sharp decline of letter writing in accordance to the report of UK postal service. Of course, official letters are still in use and the postal department delivers them throughout the world. However, in the context of casual letter writing, there is a diminishing trend and the fundamental cause of this trend is globalization and the impact of internet communication along with other telecommunication agents.
Acceptance and offer analysis is an age-old approach of contract law, which is used in order to determine whether there is an agreement between two individuals or parties. A number of things can be offered, like a fax, newspaper, letter, email and also conduct as long as it conveys the idea of the offered given in the contract. An invitation to treat is not considered as an offer as it only indicates that a person is willing to discuss a contract.
If the person the offer has been made to rejects it, the offer is destroyed, ...
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The postal rule or mailbox rule or postal acceptance rule is an expression used in the common law contract, which helps to establish the timing of an offer and acceptance when mail is considered as a medium of receipt. The common principle states that a contract can only be formed when acceptance is communicated to an offer…
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