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Annotated Bibliography example - Fiber Optic Cable use in the European Market

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Annotated Bibliography
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This article emphasizes on the fact that the world is undergoing a sea change in communication infrastructure and Europe is no exception to this truth. In fact, an increased use of optic fiber based communication has been encouraged by the reliance of many sectors of the industry for efficient and proper communication…

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Moreover, the study has also found that the technology has been improved since the use of fiber optic cables was first introduced. Fiber optic cables have also been the favored choice of communication for Europeans as it has been found that they are able to handle all forms of services with optimum efficiency1.
This article says that the optic fiber cable network in Europe offers speeds of up to 10 gbps and is capable of providing as many as 80 channels per cable. The additional motivation behind the heavy use has been the provision of closer spacing of transmission signals both within the frequency as well as the time domains. Fiber optic cables are also capable of transmitting over very long distances (in the range of 500-1500 kilometers) without the need for any form of regeneration midway. In fact, the study of Electronicast suggests that it is the pressure for increasing bandwidth that as been fueling the need within networking companies to opt for the fiber cabling option. The article further states that the trend has also been encouraging fresh research into developing and producing cables with higher speeds and bandwidths2.
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