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Essay example - Conservation Genetics of Freshwater Fish

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The research of R. C. Vrijenhoek entitled Conservation Genetics of Freshwater Fish focus on the utilization of putatively neutral molecular markers in the study of conservation genetics. Admitting that the use of this particular method is still highly debated among scientists, he stresses its indispensability and efficiency: "Molecular markers have proven their usefulness in solving many difficult taxonomic problems with endangered species, in designing and monitoring captive breeding programmes and understanding breeding systems, in detecting geographical structure of genetic diversity, in managing gene flow, and in understanding factors which contributed to fitness" (15).

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Thus, the conservation genetics of freshwater fish becomes important as it allows the resolution of problems among taxonomically difficult groups, design of captive breeding programs, detection of diversity within and among geographical population, management of gene flow, and understanding factors which are essential in the maintenance of the species' fitness (2).
The research also expounded on the importance of captive breeding for: "conservation and rescue; stocking and supplementation of sport and commercial fishing; domestication and selective breeding of food and ornamental varieties; experimental research organisms; and exhibition and education" (3). ...
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